Sunday, 1 February 2009

Let us progress towards… / ..long last the victory…

Let us progress towards…
2009, Hand Pierced Paper, frame, 4 pieces, 78x108 cm (each)

..long last the victory…
2009, Hand Pierced Paper, frame, 2 pieces, 78x108 cm (each)

….Since the moment we began to understand and were capable of communicating through words, meanings, tonations and were sensitive to rhythm and rhyme in voices and songs; I believe that national anthems of every country have been instrumental in creating “collective memory” that leads to the molding of convention and configuration in fostering nationalism and patriotism. National anthem, therefore, serves as elegantly –composed declaration generating both courage and comfort for individuals from different backgrounds by employing the repetitive mechanics in sending and receiving signals to produce collective sentiment.

….As we arrived at our current confusing time and place, borderline of diverse physical areas and cultural dimensions began to blurred and merged concurrence to globalization and post colonialism while the conflicting condition of time (in intellectual and cultural context ) has not seem to progress correspondingly (the present sociopolitical phenomenon in Thailand is an obvious example). In this series of works, I am interested in the examination into whether the aforementioned collective memory has ever existed and/ or remains in existence, as well as the way it is utilized experienced today.
Nipan Oranniwesna

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